Never give up your dreams !!!

I love music since I was born. A great inspiration for me was my father. He was a well-known entertainer in the region where I grew up in Holtheim nearby Paderborn in Germany. He played accordion and so I was meant to step in his footsteps by learning accordion too in a music school. My parents didn't have the money to buy me any equipment, but during the years and my studies of engineering I composed and wrote many songs - which I saved in my heart and a little box I always carried with me wherever I went.

I teached myself piano and keyboard and from time to time I improved my DAW skills and studio setup. My 1st album I wrote for my mum to her 70th birthday. I wrote an entire album for her with seven songs on it - all written and composed by myself. 


In 2020 I attended an international lovesong award and I'm intending to make this my next song release in 2021.  So be excited. There is still a lot to come and to be released in the future.


I just started to make my dream come true. My dream always was to share my music with the world. Nothing less and nothing more! So enjoy, have fun!